Thursday, 19 January 2012

Charles Dickens' London

A treat from the Senate House Library Friends. Open to the public. A talk given by Emeritus Professor Andrew Sanders based on his book, 'Charles Dickens' London'. An added bonus was that Professor Michael Slater was also there. Two experts on Dickens. Consisting of slides depicting London from the 1790's. In 1820 London was a mish-mash. Only one interrupted main road from the city to the west end, streets just ended in a dead end. Buildings were hickledy pickledy. No planning permission required. These were the streets Dickens wandered through as a boy and young man. All that he saw was stored in his brain and became the storehouse from which he created his characters and novels. Reading Claire Tomalin's biography at the same time as Bleak House has given me a better understanding of the genius of this great man. A whole year of celebration ahead. Brilliant evening. Brilliant subject. More more.